This is Erik Paulson's brand of Kickboxing training for Mixed Martial Arts. STX is short for the arts of Savate (French Kickboxing),  Muay Thai Kickboxing and X for Cross-Training of these and other disciplines that are part of the incredible knowledge of Erik Paulson. 

Erik learned to blend many disciplines of standup kickboxing long before other North Americans mixed martial arts schools were mixing martial arts to get the best result in the ring and in the cage.‚Äč

In this art students learn to punch, kick, elbow, and knee properly. Fitness and form are important components to your learning.

Gants or Gloves:

First Level - Blue

Second Level - Green

Third Level - Red

Forth Level - White

Fifth level - Yellow

Final Level - Silver

These arts of standup and grappling can be learned separately in the format above.

Later, Erik will be offering a MMA program which will completely mix the standup and grappling for those more interested in competing strictly in mixed martial arts competitions.

California French Kickboxing Assoc

Ideal for competing in BJJ, Catch or Judo competitions.

CSW is short for Combat Submission Wrestling. It is a brand name which Erik Paulson uses.

It is generally known as the sport/Martial Art that is recognized by many names. You may hear the words Grappling, Rolling, No-Gi Submission Wrestling, Newaza (JUDO), No-Gi Brazilian JiuJitsu (BJJ). Training is in No-Gi (Without a Traditional Judo or BJJ Uniform). We wear a sports rash guard or t-shirts and MMA shorts.

Combatants attempt to get to an optimal attacking position to launch choke attacks and submissions attacks. Submission can be in the form of joint locks and muscle crushes or key locks. Submissions may be on any joint of the body sanctioned by the club. Chokes can be blood (preferred) or airway chokes.

Learning positions and defences need to be learned first before attempting attacks. Defence are taught and practiced naturally. Students need to learn the respect for the tap and learning to leave their ego at the door. Tapping is the act of tapping on their opponent (on the mat or saying tap) immediately upon realization that they are in a position that they may be unable to escape or are about to be injured.

Students will follow a progressive student levels while learning student expectations for safety and respect of others on the mat. Generally, students don't get to roll on the mat until they are checked by the coach for understanding of the rules and the safety of other. Usually it takes a full month of consistent training before students are considered safe enough to roll with the regular students.

French Kickboxing Federation

Intention Martial Arts
128-3665 Kingsway Vancouver, BC V5R 5W2
Phone: (604) 451-3940


Ideal for Sanshou, Muay Thai Kickboxing or Sport Kickboxing competitions or just for Fitness

Intention Martial Arts
128-3665 Kingsway Vancouver, BC V5R 5W2
Phone: (604) 451-3940


Ideal for Sanshou, Muay Thai and Sport Kickboxing Competitions or just for Fitness

French Kickboxing

This is an exciting sport and martial art which largely involves kicking and punching. Students first learn form and control. French Kickboxing has a unique structure that has to be learned first to be safe while practicing with other students. Learning to control the precision and the power of your punches & kicks is paramount to avoid injuring other students. Students have to learn to share the kickboxing exchange for optimal learning through cooperation. Being a good student often means being a good frame for your training partner.

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